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Porsche 911 GT2 Switzer R911S Reviews

Switzer Performance has released a new upgrade program for the Porsche 911 GT2 called R911S. It said tuner, Switzer new Porsche 911 GT2 R911S developing 900 hp which is more than 280 hp the new GT2 RS inaugurated. It's also only 100 HP less than the Veyron! The Porsche 911 GT2 Switzer R911S packaging based on P800 tuner program that has been modified to provide just under 50% more power than the new hospital.

Porsche 911 GT2 R911S Switzer was not developed to the straight line speed only. This program includes a variety of custom parts that are designated to handle better in corners. The Porsche 911 GT2 Switzer R911S equipped with JRZ titanium inverted-strut-front, the remote-reservoir suspension that was developed at the Patron GT3 Cup and Grand-Am Rolex GT series.

any suspension setup will manufacturer Porsche 911 GT2 R911S Switzer accordance with the owners driving style.

The Porsche 911 GT2 Switzer R911S prices starting at $ 199,900 and R911S Carbon price of $ 239,900.

Switzer Press Release:
RS 2011 Porsche GT2 was the fastest road going car in the company's history, but it was not enough fast enough to meet client demands Tym Switzer. company Tym's, tuning company based in Ohio Switzer Performance, announced GT2 their new Switzer R911S this morning - a GT2 super-997 by more than nine hundred hp and revised racetrack-oriented to make sure that even RS GT2 will most missing in the mirror mirror such.

GT2 R911S P800 Switzer took a proven company GT2 package and push further. Using race fuel, the R911 delivers more than eight hundred horsepower at the rear wheels, equating approximately 50% more power than a Porsche GT2 RS, with Switzer's Monster intercoolers ensure consistent performance engine rotation after rotation.

With the (conservative) 911 hp on tap, almost none in the world can pass to Switzer's GT2 R911S in a straight line. To maintain excellence in the corner, Switzer Switzer's R911S feature-specific titanium inverted-strut-front, remote-reservoir suspension engineered by experts in JRZ song. This is not a "racing-style" suspension; hardware setup is correct JRZ racing that has been torture-tested in Patron GT3 Cup and Grand-Am Rolex GT series - almost tamed for the road easy with a few key twists. Each one of Switzer's R911S car will feature hand selected spring and damping rates, specifically for tracking each client's experience and level of aggression.

Switzer's R911S already offering the ratio of power-to-weight is only eviscerates the ship factory newest Porsche - but for customers who have to cut every ounce last added mass of the car, Switzer offer Carbon R911S - a suite of exclusive lightweight carbon-fiber body of the barn panel weight from R911S and lower center of gravity of the car for maximum performance in advanced level session trackday and time attack.

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