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Ferrari 458 italia

History and detals:
Ferrari 458 Italia Base Coupe is a new car issued by the manufacturer of Ferrari in 2011. This car is one of the car edition of the Ferrari 458 Italia Base Coupe. This 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia Base Coupe Power (SAE): 570 hp @ 9,000 rpm; 398 ft lb of torque @ 6,000 rpm. For the Exterior dimensions: 178.2 in. overall length, 76.3 in. overall width, 47.8 in. overall height, 104.3 in. wheelbase, 65.8 in. front track and 63.2 in. rear track. Brake assist system
* Ceramic brakes
* Ventilated four-wheel disc brakes
* Electronic brake distribution
* Electronic traction control (via ABS & engine management)
* Immobilizer
* Rear mechanical limited-slip differential
* Driver selectable responsive suspensionfeatures: electronic-control
* Stability control
* Independent front wishbone suspension with stabilizer bar and coil springs, independent rear multi-link suspension with stabilizer bar and coil springs
* Tire kit
MP3 player
* Remote power locks
* Vehicle speed-proportional power steering
* Power windows, express driver and passenger
* Front reading lights
* Rear view mirror
* Electric trunk/hatch release
* Front curtain airbag
* Seating: two passengers
* Leather upholstery
* Service interval indicator
* Eight speakers
* Leather-trimmed, tilt/ telescoping steering wheel
* Tachometer
* Ventilation system with micro filter * Anti-theft protection includes: interior monitoring
* Harman/kardon audio system with AM/FM radio, CD player (reads MP3 format) ; includes RDS
* Cargo capacity:

* Trip computer: includes average speed and range for remaining fuel
* Front cup holders
* Outside air temperature indicator
* Intelligent driver and passenger front airbag
* Racing driver seat and front passenger seat:
* Front seat belts with pre-tensioners for driver and passenger
* Headlight control with dusk sensor
* Two front head restraints
* Interior dimensions:
* Low tire pressure indicator
front end features the opening of a certain amount of air in a couple of valves, is the front wing. On the back there are a couple of big channels just before the rear lights, all designed for an aerodynamic contours and partitions directly on the air directly to the radiator and away from a flat substrate. The nose also sports a small fins that generate downforce, and the speed increases, they deform to reduce the portion of the radiator inlets and reduce drag.
Ferrari 458 Italy 2009 named the Top Gear Car of the Year. The price of this new super-car is about $ 275.000. ide the 458 Italia (designed to improve aerodynamics) is designed by Pininfarina, the interior was left to Ferrari chief designer. Power comes from a 4.5 liter V8 engine that produces 570 horsepower. Weighs only 3042 pounds, the new Ferrari rocket from 0 to 60 km / h in just 3.4 seconds and will not stop until it hits a top speed of 202 mph.
ferrari 458 italia
ferrari 458 italia
ferrari 458 italia
ferrari 458 italia
ferrari 458 italia
ferrari 458 italia
ferrari 458 italia

BMW concept cars BMW cars gallery

the BMW Concept Gran Coupé carries the essence of brand values and the genes of BMW design into the future. The concept shows the classic features of all BMW coupes: the long wheelbase, the vaulted bonnet with forward-pointing lines, the set-back greenhouse, the flat silhouette, the coupe-style roof line and the short front overhang reflect the dynamic potential of the vehicle.
The shaping style, which follows a coherent pattern down to the last detail, convincingly visualises BMW's philosophy as an automobile manufacturer. As with theConcept CS 2007, BMW once again sets new benchmarks in the design of 4-door coupes with a distinctive sporty character
The design of the concept study underscores the expertise of the brand BMW in the development of vehicles with a distinctive sporty character which offer space for more than two occupants. This reflects the particular quality of the BMW Group design philosophy, which consists in precisely and authentically translating the specific values of product substance into an aesthetically convincing shaping style.
BMW Concept Gran Coupé expresses sporty flair in its ultimate form. The 4-door vehicle clearly signals the very highest level of dynamic performance with its extremely elegant, flat and coupe-like proportions.
The kidney grille of the BMW Concept Gran Coupé has a flat appearance, with an asymmetrical side view which emphasises the close attention to detail. The central section with the kidney grille is formally separated from other BMW icons such as the headlights and air inlets.
The air inlet runs back an extremely long way into the side section, making the front section appear particularly wide.
BMW Concept Gran Coupé up to 100 millimetres flatter than the BMW 5 Series or the BMW 7 Series Sedan. The roof line tapers off gently into the rear, thereby elongating the vehicle's proportions. The forward-tilted shark nose visually extends the bonnet and creates characteristic BMW proportions with its forward-pointing dynamism. This stretched character is also highlighted by the side lines, where there is a deliberate avoidance of the typical sill line.
The frameless doors give the BMW Concept Gran Coupé a modern character since the glass surfaces appear to merge seamlessly without being interrupted by columns.
BMW Concept Gran Coupé permits a unique interaction between concave and convex surfaces. It also enables the light to be selectively reflected and channelled. Thus the exterior mirrors integrated in the window shaft appear very light, blending harmoniously into the side view since their shape assimilates the entire line styling. The BMW Concept Gran Coupéis a further development of the classic design of a notchback sedan in which the individual body sections merge harmoniously into a flat, elongated and at the same time dynamic overall image. The effect of this 4-door vehicle derives not just from specific highlights but from its overall appearance, which authentically reflects its character.

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2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept

2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept
The 2011 Jaguar Sport cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept is a team effort between Jag and Bertone and serves as way for Bertone to celebrate its 99th Anniversary. The new compact Jag's name is a melding of the company's first initial and its age. Bertone says the concept is a design study in what it calls "dynamic imbalance" between parallel lines and "leaping forms."
2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept
The 2011 Jaguar Sport cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept result is a compact, four-door sedan (4.5 m long, 1.35 m tall, 1.95 m wide, 2.8 m wheelbase) that fits perfectly into the D segment. Starting with a classic three-volume architecture, Bertone designers have shaped the taut, muscular body with bold yet refined character, entirely constructed with handmade aluminum panels in true Italian "coachbuilder" tradition. The unique personality of the luxury sports sedan is emphasized by the sophisticated minimalism outside and in, underlining the true nature of the British authenticity where understatement equals exclusiveness.
2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept

In terms of technological innovation, the 2011 Jaguar Sport cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept uses a pure hybrid power system designed and developed by Bertone Energy (the newest Bertone division dedicated to renewable energy research), including a thermal engine for range extension and two electric motors which provide propulsion for the rear wheels. Bertone has been studying ecologically sustainable powertrain systems for the past twenty years, with many examples including full-electric "extreme" concept cars like the 1992 Blitz or 1994 Zer record car, which was the first full-electric car to break the 300 km/h speed barrier in the world. With the 2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept, Bertone establishes a new record in its 99 year history as the only Italian designer to have created five different Jaguars.
2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept
These renderings of the 2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept have been leaked ahead of its official debut March 1st at the Geneva Auto Show, giving a hint at how Jaguar intends to style its new entry-level luxury sports sedan. According to recent reports, however, this new model won’t be the first new Jag to debut, with a rumored XE compact sports car planned for next year.
2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept
Measuring 4.5 meters long, 1.95 meters wide, and 1.35 meters high with a 2.8-meter wheelbase, the B99 has the dimensions to make a run at the luxury sport car segment. That is if the car ever makes it to production.
2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept
So when talking about powertrains, the 2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept blows the top-level 3-Series out of the water with the latter’s 4.0-liter V8 engine with 414 horsepower compared to the B99’s 1.4-liter gas engine combined with the two 150 kW motors, producing a total of 570 horsepower. Conversely, the Mercedes C-Class also falls short in the engine department compared to the 2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept with its 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 302 horsepower.
2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept
"Performance through innovation" is one of Jaguars slogans, and today more than ever powerful sports cars must find new responsible ways to offer both high performance and ecological sustainability. The 2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept is powered by a modular, Extended Range Hybrid system which futuristic utilizes twin 150kW (204 Cv) electric engines connected to the inboard side of the rear axle for propulsion and a lightweight 1.400 cm3 thermal engine producing 125 kW-170 Cv for range extension, giving a combined power output of 425 kW or 570 Cv. The thermal engine charges the Lithium-ion batteries while driving allowing for a theoretical range of 700 kilometers of highway driving between fill-ups with a carbon dioxide output of around 30 g Co2/km. The 2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept can also travel in full electric mode offering zero emissions for 100kms.
2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept
Designed by Bertone’s chief of design, American Michael Robinson, the 2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept blends shapely surfacing with powerful proportions. “It is a typical Jaguar,” says Robinson. The classic cat-inspired rear haunch lends itself to Jaguar’s heritage, and the C-pillar is much more formal than that of the current Ian Callum- designed XJ and XF models. The B99 also sports a bit of concept car showmanship with its rear-hinged suicide doors and B-pillarless cabin.
2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept
Despite the shapely body concours, there is little else in the way of ornamentation save for the chrome window surrounds, front fender vent and Jaguar “leaper” on the hood. Bertone characterizes this as a “minimalist luxury sports sedan.” It is a nice blend of tradition and modernity.
2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept
That tradition is also apparent in the interior’s large swaths of wood veneer and leather. The stylish cabin would help the 2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept command luxury prices, while at the same time allowing its clientele to feel socially responsible as a result of the unique powertrain.
2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept
UPDATE 03/08/11: According to Automotive News, Jaguar was not impressed by the 2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept and will not put it to production: "It is not our concept. We appreciate the fact that Jaguar is interesting enough for people to do a concept around. It’s not that we are offended by it, or against it — it is just not for us." Jaguar has plans to enter new market segments by 2014, but this will be done with their own work: "We have concepts all over the place. A lot of work has been done," said Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar’s global brand director.
2011 Jaguar Sport Cars Bertone Jaguar B99 Concept

scion frs concept

Scion's new FR-S (FT-86) concept car that is soon to be a production model. What started as a collaboration between Toyota and Subaru has turned into the work of art you see in front of you. There have been many iterations of this concept car with the latest being the closest to production. The D4-S allows for better NA performance while still maintaining good fuel economy. Actual horsepower numbers for the FR-S haven't been released yet, but I would expect at least 200 HP to be under the hood. Also no news as to whether they will have a turbocharged model or not, but speculation across the internet is that there may be a model that takes advantage of a turbocharger.

Although the images below are all final renderings, you can get an idea of what the production car will look like. I highly doubt that the large wheels and small mirrors will make it to production, but most of the LED lamps will probably be in the production model.

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