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The Camaro officially went on sale in dealerships on September 29, 1966, for the 1967 model year. The first generation Camaro includes the year models 1967, 1968 and 1969. The look of the 1969 Camaro was changed to a more angular look, the wheel wells were squared off, the dashboard was updated with square gauges and the tachometer was optional. This was the last of the first generation Camaro and Chevrolet offered a ton of engine choices, everything from straight line six cylinder engine to an incredible 427 cubic inch monster that was part of the special order ZL-1. Most buyers picked the small block V-8. The Camaro was a built as a family car with its 2 by 2 seating and is considered to be Chevrolet’s
This model was produced for 6 months before refinements were made, the ones produced within the next 6 months are considered to be 1965. But technically they are all 1965 Mustangs, I will still call it a 1964 1/2. Besides knowing the date it was manufactured, how can you tell if it is a 1964 1/2? It has to be factory-equipped with a generator charging system, a 170ci six (U-code), a 260 2V (F-code), or a 289 4V (D-code) low-compression, large horns mounted down on the frame behind the radiator, a brake light pressure switch on the master cylinder, a center “off” heater fan switch, and a generator charge light, just to name the basics. These are features exclusive to Mustangs built between early March and July 31, 1964.
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