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Smart Car Gas Mileage

You may have noticed a change in some of your local car dealership lately. You have seen some small funny looking car on their lot! Reminding the 70's oil crisis?

These cars get excellent mileage around 40 MPG, and they weigh less than 700 pounds almost all other American cars. They're also cheap! From $ 12,000, nearly everyone can afford a new one.

Thus, since the Smart ForTwo car has a fuel tank capacity (including 1.3 gallon reserve) of 8.7 gallons, and the Smart Car Gas Mileage (MPG) is about 40 miles per gallon, you can squeeze about 350 miles before the next station visit (trying to sound "English"). Smart ForTwo Car speed is regulated, and is limited to approximately 90 miles per hour (MPH). If you want to race your neighbors, guaged in 0-60 acceleration in approximately 12.8 seconds. Hyundai's faster than me in my High School years, but perhaps slower than me (hand-me-down) 302 1976 Ford Granada Ghia 4-door sedan (dating myself?)

This machine
displacement is 1 liter, and has three cylinders. If you're not impressed, it has four valves per cylinder! Smart ForTwo car is rated at around 70 HP, and has a 68 lb ft of torque. Fuel ingected, of course, but do not put regular 87 octane in this baby.

You must pay extra to use the manufacturer's recommended (mandated) minimum 91 octane?. Does that wipe out the savings you get from fuel efficiency? Do not forget to take that into consideration when forking over your precious money to a dealer
. Maybe more in the long term costs to purchase and operate FourTwo, from maintaining your current vehicle.

It takes about 3.5 liters of oil, including filter. It seems to have five wonderful "automated manual" transmission gears, however! You can place Samrt FourTwo transmission in fully automatic car, or you can use the gate OPN plus / minus the gearshift.

From what I understand, the "automatic" mode gives passengers (notice, "passengers" only single in "FourTwo") and the driver enough experience. It's a bit jerky, is what I say. I have read an article saying, "What that means is that you encourage ForTwo like you would a regular automatic, but the transmission lurches through gear changes with the awkwardness of learning sticks on her sister's Corolla 15 years." Description Awesome!

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