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Toyota Prius Best-Selling Car in Japan Stay

Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius hybrid car remains the best-selling car in Japan during February 2010 although still recall the storm hit the world's automotive giants.

Based on data from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association (Jada), more than 27.000 units of Prius sold in Japan as well Were changed from best-selling car in Japan for 10 consecutive months. The popularity of the Prius was still unshakable Remembers 'disaster' recall of 8.5 million units of Toyota cars in the entire world.

Prius sales success thanks to its reputation for providing exceptional mileage by switching between the gasoline engine and electric motor as well as Japanese government incentives if people buy environmentally friendly cars.

The popularity of the Prius did not even make the Japanese people who bought this phenomenal car waiting (pivot) until about six months. However, Toyota officials acknowledge some consumers to cancel the purchase since the recall issue erupted. Toyota began to repair the new software to overcome the braking problems since last month.

In Japan, Honda Fit (Jazz is also called) became the second best-selling car in Japan in February with record sales numbers about 14,000, followed by three other Toyota cars, the Vitz, Passo and Corolla.

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