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March 29, 2007 - We're not ones to comment on how good/bad a movie is, but we think we may have to hate the upcoming car-racing flick Redline. We haven't seen it, but more genuine exotic cars have been wrecked in the making / promotion of this film than we'll ever see in our lifetime - and that's a damn shame.

You all know about Redline actor Eddie Griffin's mishap with the Enzo the other day, so we thought we'd give the red Ferrari one last tribute by making it our Redline car of the Day. What makes this accident tragic is the fact that only 399 Enzos have been built (plus 1 for the Pope). That means that less than 400 of these cars exist in the world - and Ferrari isn't making any more of them.

The Enzo Ferrari was named in honor of its founder - conveniently named Enzo Ferrari. Basically designed as a celebration of the prancing horse's dominance in F1, the Enzo is the ultimate in street-legal Ferraris. (Only the Enzo-derived race-only FXX is more "uber".)

The F1 inspiration can be seen in everything from the functional (and controversial) front fascia to the F1-style steering wheel and paddle shifters. Thanks to Ferrari's liberal use of exotic F1-derived lightweight components (including the car's carbon fiber body and carbon ceramic brakes), the Enzo weighs just a hair over 3,000 pounds.

This light weight allows the Enzo's ultra-light 6.0-liter V12 - tuned to produce 660 horsepower and 484 lb.-ft. of torque - to really shine. This car can go from 0-60 in well under four seconds and has a top speed of 225 mph.

So it's a damn shame that another one of these rare Ferraris had to go and get crashed. But with a price tag of over a million bucks, even $250K in damage is deemed "fixable". As was the case with the Gizmondo guy's split-in-two Enzo, the Redline Enzo will likely be shipped back to Maranello for repairs. It will be as good as new in no time (we hope...)

Until the damage is "buffed out", check out more pictures of this rare Italian steed in our Media Gallery.

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