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Ferrari Enzo

Enzo was created to celebrate the dominance of Ferrari team in Formula 1

Ferrari Enzo specifications
Top Speed: 362 km/h
Power: 660 HP
Engine: V12 6.0 litre
The legendary Ferrari Enzo was named in the name of the racing car company founder Enzo Ferrari. The front section of this Ferrari supercar has derived directly from Formula 1, the entire body shape was tweaked for optimal airflow and cooling of the engine and the brakes. It is equipped with an ultra-light, 6.0-litre V-12 engine, that is capable of producing 110 bhp per litre of gas. Ferrari has promised to come out with a new version of a supercar based on the Enzo every four years. It is really interesting to see what kind of improvements can be made on such supercar, which is already nearly perfect.
ferrari enzo picture
Ferrari Enzo (at its time) was the fastest and best performing supercar ever built.
ferrari enzo doors open
The doors of Ferrari Enzo, like in many other exotic supercars, open upwards making this powerful car even more distinctive

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