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HKS CZ200S Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X Project

After establishing countless track records with the HKS CT230R Circuit Time Attack Evo, HKS is proud to announce its successor; The HKS Lancer Evolution X, CZ200S.
The CZ200S will be the basis in which HKS will develop its complete parts line-up for the Lancer Evolution X. Much like the development of products available for the previous generations of the Lancer Evolutions, the CZ200S utilizes currently available off-the-shelf and prototype HKS products. HKS prides itself in its engineering, motorsports development and manufacturing quality assuring customers that the same products that HKS sets records with are the same off-the-shelf products that a customer can expect from HKS.
Working in conjunction with the Yokohama Tire Company, HKS plans on lap times under 1 minute at the famed Tsukuba Circuit. During initial testing of the new Advan Neova AD08 radial tires, the CZ200S posted a best lap time of 59.495 seconds at Tsukuba Circuit.

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